Karl's despondent, blaming Eva for losing him his job. Sunita fails to buoy his mood. Anna calls a meeting at No.6. Owen apologises for ruining Joseph's christening but maintains his stance that Katy is too young to be a surrogate, and will be unable to give up a baby. Gary, Izzy and Katy insist that they have considered everything and still believe it's the right thing to do. Owen clocks Chesney's doubts. Sunita accuses Eva of setting Karl up. Eva denies it in front of Rob. Sunita tells her to accept that she and Karl are in love and Stella's a thing of the past. Karl squirms. Paul asks Kevin to give his DIY a rest so that he can get some sleep before his night shift, but Kevin's keen to press on during the day while Jack's out of the house. Tommy reports that Tyrone's still miserable without Kirsty. Tina decides to invite him round for a curry to take his mind off her. Tommy's grateful. Anna praises Owen for listening to his girls and respecting their decision. Izzy and Katy are pleased that Owen has backed off. Sunita seeks Karl's reassurance that their affair was worth all the turmoil now that they are now together. Karl's forced to disguise his ambivalence. Owen collars Chesney and urges him to voice his fears about Katy having Izzy's baby. Chesney feels that he should support Katy but believes she's making a huge mistake. Owen agrees, pointing out all the potential dangers involved, and urges Chesney to speak out to dissuade her. Tracy bans Michelle from having contact with Amy. Steve informs Tracy that her little games won't split him and Michelle up. Ryan annoys Lloyd by refusing to take his work seriously at Street Cars. Rob overhears Eva admitting that she was responsible for Karl messing up the order. Rob's furious with her for costing the business money. Eva's chastened. Katy's shocked when Chesney forbids her from being a surrogate for Izzy.


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