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Tyrone nurses his bruises whilst Kirsty apologises and tries to explain her appalling actions. Ryan promises Michelle that he'll never take drugs again. Michelle's reassured. Norris whinges to Emily about Tracy's lack of rent contribution. Emily explains that Tracy and Amy are guests, not lodgers. Norris is put out. Under pressure from Michelle, Ryan apologises to Steve for his behaviour and asks him if he's still got a job. Steve, at pains to impress Michelle, agrees to give him one more chance. Ryan apologises to Kylie for trying to shift the blame on to her. David makes it clear that he doesn't want Ryan anywhere near his wife and shoves him hard. Steve arrives and stops the boys from fighting. At Kirsty's insistence, Tyrone tells Tommy that he's reconsidered and he's not willing to let him take a repayment break so he can't go on holiday. Tommy's gutted. Clearly feeling unhappy at being forced to let his friends down, Tyrone snaps at Eileen who's taken aback. When Tommy breaks the news to Tina about their holiday, Tina's furious and vows to have it out with Tyrone. Steve invites Michelle out for dinner and she suddenly realises that he fancies her and has been using Ryan to buy her affections. Michelle's livid. When Norris hears that Tracy intends to clean the house including his bedroom, he gets Jason to fix a padlock to his bedroom door. Tracy's offended. Sylvia frets about Milton. Roy tries to reassure her that he's being well cared for. Sylvia thinks that Milton wishes she was with him. Steve laments to Lloyd that he's been a fool and blown any chance he had with Michelle. Tina sets off to confront Tyrone in the garage. When she arrives she finds Tyrone topless, applying medication to his injuries. Tina's shocked.


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