Ken's worried about Peter. Leanne agrees to help look for him. Carla tells them that she and Peter have split up and offers Ken the key to Peter's flat. Ken checks the flat but there's no sign of Peter. Owen threatens Brian and tells him that he's a useless headmaster for failing to sort out Lindsay Hayward, the school bully. Kevin and Tommy take the mickey out of Tyrone for being so under Kirsty's thumb. Tyrone tries to defend her, blaming her hormones but it's clear they've hit a nerve. Anna tells Julie how disappointed she is with Brian as a headmaster for his lack of support over Faye's bullying. Peter leaves a desperate message on Carla's voicemail apologising for everything and suggesting everyone's better off without him. Carla's very concerned. Rob flirts with Eva in the Rovers and tries to talk her into a date. Carla tells Ken and Leanne about Peter's message. Leanne tells Carla not to waste any tears on him as minutes after she dumped him, Peter was begging her to take him back. Carla's taken aback. Rob meets up with Sandy Austin again and using all his charm, strikes a deal with her for Underworld. When Fiz's boiler breaks down, Tyrone offers to mend it for her. Rob proudly tells Carla and Michelle that the contract with Austins is back on however, Carla's mind is on Peter and she shows little interest. Rob's put out. Kirsty suffers from Braxton Hicks contractions in the cafe. She tries to call Tyrone but with no success. Tyrone meanwhile is busy mending Fiz's boiler, unaware of Kirsty's predicament. Brian admits to Julie that he's reluctant to punish Lindsay as she's the granddaughter of Meredith McGuire, the school governor, who's never held him in high regard. Ken and Leanne report Peter missing to the police. They're shocked to learn that a man's body fitting Peter's description has been found.


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  • A scene involving Ken and Leanne Barlow learning that a body fitting Peter Barlow's description was amended at the last moment to remove mentions of the body being found in a canal. This was due to the recent death of Christopher Brahney, a man whose body was found in similar circumstances at Salford Quays on 9th July 2012.
  • TV Times synopsis: Leanne and Ken report Peter missing, and are informed that a body has been pulled from the canal; and Kirsty falls ill at the cafe while Tyrone is busy doing a favour for Fiz.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 7,770,000 viewers (7th place).
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