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Lindsay Hayward bullies Faye at the bus stop. Faye feels utterly miserable. Peter apologises to Nick and Leanne and asks if he can take Simon out for his tea. However when Leanne refuses saying that it'll upset Simon's routine, Peter's left fuming. Rob shows Carla and Michelle the business qualifications he obtained whilst in prison and persuades Carla to give him a job at Underworld. Ken calls in the bookies and is perturbed to smell whisky on Peter's breath. Anna gets a call from Mr Packham to say that Faye's been skiving off lessons. When client Sandy Austin calls in the factory looking for Carla, Rob takes the opportunity to try and nail down a contract with her. Tyrone and Kirsty arrive back from the Lakes all loved-up. Rob messes up the deal with Sandy who refuses to sign and leaves in a strop. Peter finds Simon in the cafe with Nick and Leanne. Although initially pleased to see his dad, Simon quickly realises that Peter's drunk. Roy asks Peter to leave. Carla's furious to discover that Rob's messed up the deal with Sandy. Her day goes from bad to worse when Michelle delivers the news that Peter's drinking again. When Beth storms into No.3, accuses Tracy of nicking her lipstick and threatens to punch her, Emily and Norris wonder what they've let themselves in for. Finding Faye's laptop open on the table, Anna's appalled to read Lindsay's horrible comments and realises that Faye's being bullied. Anna assures Faye that she loves her and they must report Lindsay to Mr Packham. Faye's worried. Carla arrives home to find Peter drunk and wallowing in self-pity. She tells him that she's had enough, it's over between them and she's moving back to her flat.


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  • This episode was an addition to the schedules to make up for the reduced schedule during Euro 2012. It was shown at 7.30pm.
  • TV Times synopsis: Peter turns to drink after Leanne refuses his request to spend time with Simon; Anna discovers Faye's secret when Brian reports her absences; Emily wonders if Norris was right about letting Tracy stay; and Tyrone and Kirsty return from the Lake District.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 7,950,000 viewers (5th place).
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