Steve wins £20 off Dev when Amy beats Aadi in their school race. Lloyd arrives at the school sports day shouting the odds and threatening to kill Steve. To the horror of Brian and the other parents, Lloyd proceeds to chase Steve round the school field and they finish up wrestling on the ground. Anna confronts Faye about her phantom illness and gives her a wigging for skipping off school. When Anna's back is turned, Faye slips out of the house. Peter and Carla throw a birthday party for Simon at the flat. Carla, clearly not used to children, lays on an adult buffet and Peter's embarrassed. Simon's very much at ease with Nick and laughs at his jokes. Peter's secretly gutted. Steve admits to Lloyd that he and Tracy were trying to take some of his business from him, but swears blind he didn't know she was sabotaging his cars. Lloyd apologises to Steve for selling out to Becky and they agree to bury the hatchet. Steve calls at No.1 and berates Tracy for taking things too far. Faye's upset when Lindsay Hayward, a girl in her class, bullies her by pointing out Anna isn't her real mum and she hasn't any friends. Kevin witnesses the exchange. Izzy admits to Gary that she's dreading what her dad will say about her pregnancy. When Steve asks Lloyd to buy back into Street Cars and move into the flat with him, the lads shake on the deal and hug each other. Owen finds Faye and takes her home. Anna admits to Owen there's something bothering Faye but she's no idea what it is. Peter tells Carla he's worried that Nick has replaced him in Simon's affections. Steve tells Tracy that he's selling No.13 to Kevin and he wants her out as soon as possible. Tracy's stunned.


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