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Albert calls on Nancy. He admits that Val isn't taking the thought of Ken possibly moving to Surrey that well. Nancy tells him that the council have told her that they have an OAP bungalow for her after a four year wait. Frank worries that Ida is an hour late coming back from Beattie's. Cafe owner Agnes MacLean hands in a bag at Tile Street Police Station that a customer left behind. It reaches 9.00pm and Ida still isn't home. Ken starts to get concerned as well and goes by bus to Beattie's to look for her. Jack and Annie get annoyed as Dennis hogs their telephone. The lad is delighted when Lenny Phillips asks him to come round. Beattie tells Ken that she hasn't seen Ida all day. At the police station, bus driver Jim Foster gives a statement after an accident involving his vehicle and a woman. Included in her belongings is a grey silk scarf with a horse's head motif - the only possible identification of the woman. Frank finds Ida's purse in the sideboard drawer with an identity disc that she normally carries with her. Lenny tells Dennis he is not at all talented as a singer or comedian but wants him to work for him as a talent scout. Dennis is interested. Alf offers to ask round for Ida and enquires in the Rovers, causing concern among the regulars. Frank and Ken come round to use the Walkers' phone to call the police. They ring divisional headquarters who take the details and a description, including a grey silk scarf with a horse's head motif. They are able to match it with a telex report from Tile Street. At that station, they are also able to match the description with the bag that Mrs Maclean brought in. Ken and Frank wait in the Rovers' back room. The police call at No.3 and tell a shocked Alf that Ida was knocked down and killed by a bus on Gray Street. They come round to the pub to break the bad news to Frank and Ken.


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