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Steve and Tracy stage another mock row for Lloyd's benefit. Eileen watches, not happy about their subterfuge. Peter wishes Simon a happy birthday and under sufferance invites Nick and Leanne to Simon's birthday party. Simon then invites Nick to his sports day. Tracy sabotages Lloyd's taxis by secretly contaminating the fuel. Lloyd's telling Tracy of his plans for Fare Ladies and how he's going to wipe the floor with Street Cars when it becomes clear someone has tampered with the fuel rendering the cars useless. Lloyd's at his wits' end whilst Tracy's secretly delighted with her efforts. Stella hands Leanne a birthday present for Simon, telling her how much she misses them both. Leanne invites her to Simon's party. Bessie Street School's sports day takes place. Dev, Peter and Nick take part in the fathers' sack race. Nick wins, to Leanne's delight. Dr Carter assures Gary and Izzy that there's no reason her pregnancy shouldn't be fine. Lloyd laments to Eileen how his new business has failed already as someone sabotaged his cars and he's lost all his money. Eileen spills the beans telling him that Tracy was behind it and how she's in cahoots with Steve. Lloyd's fuming. Steve watches proudly as Amy wins her race. Anna hurries to sports day only to find that Faye's skipped off school pretending that she's ill. Tracy is about to sabotage another taxi when Lloyd catches her red-handed.


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