Sean's beside himself, convinced that Marcus has spent the night with Aiden. Stella sets off for a professional development course in Nottingham, leaving Eva and Sunita to mind the Rovers. Peter and Carla find Nick and Simon having breakfast together in the café. Nick makes Simon laugh and it's clear they get on well. Peter's inwardly seething. Tracy and Beth keep Craig off school to help them scupper a house viewing at No.13. The potential buyer's horrified by Craig's rat and leaves. Tracy's alarmed when she realises that Darryl has escaped. Marcus arrives home and Sean immediately lays into him accusing him sleeping with Aiden. Marcus denies it but Sean's too angry to listen to reason. Norris and Hayley discuss dance lessons. Mary gives them an icy glare. Eva receives a tip-off that a food hygiene inspector is doing the rounds. She orders Sunita to ensure the pub's spotless in case he drops in. Maria confirms Marcus's story that he spent the night at her flat but Sean's still disbelieving. Norris apologises to Mary for his cruel comments about her dancing skills but Mary remains deeply offended. Carla confides in Michelle, worried that Peter's jealous of Nick for winning Leanne back. All hell breaks loose in the Rovers when Beth opens her handbag and Darryl the rat scurries out, just as Brownlow the hygiene inspector arrives. Eva panics while Sunita tries to distract him. Marcus and Aiden are at work when Sean bulldozes his way in and accuses them of having an affair. The patients are alarmed and Marcus's boss angrily summons Marcus to her office wanting to know what's going on. Sean realises that he may have gone too far.


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