Tommy panics about Tina. Tyrone tries to calm him down. Dennis is convinced that Rita has jilted him. Ken points out that it's the bride's prerogative to be late whilst Norris looks smug. Stella allows Sean to use the Rovers' oven to cook the hotpots but refuses to let him serve them. Sean's horrified but realises that she's joking when Nick agrees he can return to the Rovers with the hotpot recipe. Dev lets himself into the Corner Shop. Karl and Sunita leap apart and Karl is forced to hide behind the counter. Dev leads Sunita out of the shop locking the door behind him. Rick drives Rita to the canal bank and uses her as a bargaining tool to get the drugs off Tina. Tina's horrified when Rick threatens to push Rita in the canal. Tina places the drugs on the canal bank. Rick lets Rita go, grabs the drugs and speeds off in the car. However the police, with Kirsty in tow, arrive just in time. They surround Rick's car and arrest him. Tina hugs Rita with relief. Faye wins the Diamond Jubilee raffle, a romantic spa break for two. She gives the prize to Anna and Owen who admit they're thrilled and agree that they're back together. Rita and Tina arrive for the wedding in a police car. Dennis is relieved and thrilled. Stella announces the winners of the fancy dress competition; 3rd place Dev, 2nd place Sean and 1st place Liam. Rita and Dennis exchange vows and are married. They return to the Street in a horse-drawn carriage to cheers from everyone. Sunita furtively lets Karl out of the Corner Shop. Tommy tells Tina how much he loves her and how glad he is to see her unharmed. However, Tina can't forgive him for lying to her about something so serious and tells him that their relationship is over. Tommy's heartbroken.


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