On the day of the judging for the Weatherfield in Bloom competition, Norris, Stella and Sally all find that their displays have all been destroyed. Gail is the main suspect when her display remains untouched. Tommy is forced to lie to Tina again when Rick Neelan calls with another job for him. Sean is thrilled when a loved-up Paul and Eileen tell him that the house is off the market and that she wants both he and Marcus to stay. When another of Rick's cars is delivered, Tommy has to convince Tyrone that he is more than capable of fixing the car and takes the keys from him. Tommy is having lunch in the café with Tina when Tyrone, who has no idea of the illegal cargo, takes Rick's car to get to a hospital appointment with Kirsty. Tommy fears the worst when he returns from lunch to find Rick's car has gone. Eileen is shocked when Carla sacks her from the factory for going AWOL the afternoon before. Tommy is in a panic when Rick's henchman Jonny Smith arrives to pick the car up from the garage. Tyrone and Kirsty get pulled over for speeding unaware that their car is full of drugs. Audrey and the Weatherfield in Bloom committee arrive to judge the displays but Norris soon informs them that the displays have been vandalised, All except Gail's. Tommy tries to stall for time as Jonny loses his patience and calls Rick. As Tyrone pulls in to the garage, Tommy loses his temper and has a go at him as a curious Tina looks on. Anna's shocked when Owen brings Faye back from selling flowers on the roadside and is furious when she finds out that Faye stole them from the Weatherfield in Bloom contest displays. Anna's fury soon turns to guilt when Faye explains why she stole the flowers. A furious Paul approaches Carla about getting Eileen her job back but Carla refuses to back down. Tina is becoming suspicious that there maybe something Tommy isn't telling her.


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