Kylie is over the moon when David suggests that they buy No.11. Thrilled when Eileen agrees to show them around, the two love birds head off to the bank to enquire about a mortgage. Faye is excited at the prospect of a night at the cinema but is left disappointed when Anna agrees to work an extra shift and leaves Faye with Mary. When Tommy meets up with Rick Neelan he is left heavy-hearted when Rick informs him of other jobs he has lined up for him. Carla is up against it with her latest order and lays down the law with the factory girls. Sean reveals to Eileen that Lesley's funeral is today but is left stunned when Paul arrives at the factory. Karl persuades Sunita to spend the night with him in a hotel but Sunita is uneasy when Sophie arrives at the Corner Shop for her shift. A nervous Peter awaits the arrival of the CAFCASS officer comforted by Carla. Leanne is disgusted to see them looking so loved-up. Sophie encourages Dev to surprise Sunita with a romantic night out. A sad and emotional Paul tries to convince Eileen to go to the funeral with him but Eileen still hurt, declines his offer. Dev is disappointed when Sunita has made other plans for the night. Sophie tells Sunita that she saw her and Karl in the ginnel. After words of encouragement from Kirsty and Sean, Eileen rushes off to Lesley's funeral. Panicked Sunita tells Karl that their date is off because Sophie saw them. Tina is thrilled when Rita asks her to be her bridesmaid. Paul is delighted when Eileen arrives at Lesley's funeral but Eileen is left uncomfortable when Lesley's sister Yvonne makes it clear that she is not welcome. Peter and Carla's meeting with Rachel Godfrey - the CAFCASS officer - is going well until an angry Leanne barges in and reveals Carla's attempted bribe.


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