Kirsty chases after Tyrone begging him to forgive her but Tyrone's too hurt and angry. Karl and Stella are all loved-up after their romantic evening. Feeling hurt after Karl's rejection, Sunita phones in sick. Lewis advises Nick to patch things up with Eva but Nick's adamant that she's a bunny boiler and fed up of women. However, when Eva arrives for work looking a million dollars, it's clear that Nick still has feelings for her. Marcus tells Maria that he's meeting a guy from work for a drink and she should come along too as she'd like him. Maria reluctantly agrees. Karl and Sunita meet in the flat over the Corner Shop. Karl again reiterates their affair is over but Sunita soon seduces him and they kiss passionately. Tyrone returns home to find Kirsty packing her things. Tyrone insists that they need to talk. Sunita leads Karl to the bedroom. Sean suggests to Marcus they have a night out and is put-out to discover that Marcus has already made arrangements. Kirsty pours her heart out to Tyrone about her alcoholic, violent father and how he used to hit both she and her mum. Tyrone's horrified. Kevin asks Dev if he could rent the flat over the shop from him. Dev's agreeable and gets the keys to show him round. Simon is interviewed by the Custody Officer. He gets upset and tells them how much he misses Leanne. Sunita and Karl, in bed, are terrified when they hear footsteps coming up the stairs.


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