Nick tells David and Kylie that he's got a big night at the bistro entertaining local dignitaries but his waiter has let him down. He asks Kylie if she'd like to waitress for the evening and she's thrilled. Rick Neelan tells Tommy that he did a good job looking after the drugs and there'll be more jobs for him in the future. Tommy's deeply unhappy but goes along with it. Dev announces that he's invited Stella and Karl for dinner. Sunita has a quiet word with Karl and insists that he makes an excuse to get out of it. When Kylie turns up at the bistro to waitress, Eva's furious and it only substantiates her theory that Nick and Kylie are having an affair. Stella's annoyed to hear that Sean's providing Betty's hotpot for Nick's do at the bistro. Eva promises Stella that they'll both have their revenge. Kylie's delighted when Nick offers her a full-time waitressing job. Eva seethes. Peter, Carla and Leanne attend the custody hearing over Simon. Peter and Leanne hurl insults at each other and fail to reach any agreement. Marcus resolves to find Maria a decent boyfriend. Karl tries to get out of dinner at Dev and Sunita's house but Stella won't take no for an answer. The President of the Rotary Club and Colin Lavender, the Mayor of Weatherfield arrive at the bistro. The Mayor flirts with Audrey and invites her to join them. Lewis is put-out. Tyrone decides that he's going to throw a surprise birthday party for Kirsty. As the Mayor and his guests bite into their hotpot, they're horrified to find it loaded with chilli. With the meal ruined, chaos ensues and a photographer clicks away, enjoying the spectacle. Nick's shocked when Eva reveals that she spiked the hotpot to pay him back for sleeping with Kylie. Nick and Kylie are gobsmacked and immediately deny her allegations but David's incensed and punches Nick, sending him sprawling over a table.


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