Eileen and Paul struggle to pick up the pieces after Lesley's death. After turning to Sunita for help after his £200 loss, Karl is left in an awkward situation with Aadi and Asha when Sunita leaves him to watch them so that she can fetch him the money. David tests Nick and Eva's patience when they give him a crash course in being a waiter at the bistro. Tommy speaks to Kevin about the possibility of getting his job back at the garage but Kevin is having none of it. Tommy persuades Tyrone to have a word in Kevin's ear to help get his job back. Jason finds a guilt-ridden Eileen at home after having Paul walk out on her, Jason, wanting to protect his mother, confronts Paul in the Rovers. Tyrone manages to convince Kevin that Tommy deserves a second chance at the garage. Stella is none the wiser when Karl hands her the £200 that Sunita gave him passing it off as his hard earned wage. Audrey and Carol Aldridge from the Weatherfield Horticultural Society go to the bistro for a business lunch to discuss Audrey's involvement as a judge in the Weatherfield in Bloom contest. Surly David is rude when serving them. He argues with his gran and walks out of the job. Norris and Mary are horrified when Audrey reveals she is now a judge in the Weatherfield in Bloom competition. After a stressful day dealing with David, Nick cools things off with Eva. Tommy calls Rick Neelan to let him know that he's been given his job back at the garage and nervously waits to find out what Ricks wants with him. Stella comforts Eva after Nick's dismissal of their relationship. After some soul searching, a heartbroken Eileen asks Paul to leave. She's devastated as she watches him go.


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