Eileen is in shock when Lesley is pronounced dead at No.11. Sunita and Karl continue their flirtation behind the bar but they get a scare when Stella almost catches them kissing in the back room. Angry after Tina's revelation, Tommy confronts Terry as he tries to flee the Street with the money. Tommy accuses Terry of only ever wanting to get the money and that he was never interested in a relationship with his son. Stella takes a shocked Eileen in to the back room of the Rovers to calm her down. Eileen, wracked with guilt and inconsolable, blames herself for Lesley's death. Tommy is left heartbroken when Terry chooses the cash over Tommy and in retaliation Tommy rips the envelope with the money and leaves Terry in the gutter picking it up. Eileen still believes her neglect is the reason that Lesley is dead. Marcus, Jason and Sean all try to convince Eileen that it isn't her fault but she doesn't believe them. Tommy is followed by Rick Neelan in search of his money, even after telling Rick that the debt is nothing to do with him, Rick lets Tommy know that Tina is still in danger. Nick offers David a shoulder when he breaks down about missing Kylie and Max. Tommy has to lie when he returns to Tina's bedside telling her that he has paid Rick off and she has nothing to worry about any more. Paul walks out on Eileen after she tells him how she left Lesley on her own in the house before the accident. Eileen's devastated.


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