Kirsty discovers that her car has been boxed in by Tommy's camper van. Tina points out that she's got plenty of room and can easily get out. Terry witnesses the spat. Tracy tries to wriggle out of attending Betty's funeral but Deirdre insists she's going as Betty was her godmother. Tommy tells Tina that he's changed his mind about going travelling and reckons it makes more sense to buy No.12 instead. Tina realises Tommy wants to stick around because of Terry but she keeps her counsel. Terry quizzes Jason about the relationship between Tina and Kirsty. Jason explains how they fell out after one of them damaged the other one's car. Making sure nobody's watching, Terry puts a dent in Tommy's bumper and breaks one of the camper van headlights. Sally lords it over the factory girls telling them that she's "Head of Strategy". Sean and Fiz take the mickey suggesting that she's really "Head of Biscuits". Sally's put-out when Carla heads out for a client meeting and fails to invite her. Emily and Rita show Gordon the letter from Annie. Stella tries to make light of it but Deirdre reckons that Gordon should seek legal advice. The residents gather and pay their respects to Betty as her hearse arrives on the Street. Sally interrupts Carla's business meeting with Neil Trindley. She introduces herself as Carla's partner and makes all sorts of crass business suggestions. Carla quietly seethes. Sunita tells Karl that they should knock their relationship on the head before any damage is done and apologises for leading him on. Tommy discovers the damage to his camper van. He blames Kirsty and a fight breaks out between Tyrone and Tommy. Kirsty denies she had anything to do with it but Tina sides with Tommy. Tyrone is about to punch Tommy when Terry wades in and breaks them up. Tyrone tells Tommy that their friendship is over. Tommy's grateful to Terry for his help whilst Tina's suspicious.


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