Elsie and Dot both start at MacAverty's Department Store, Elsie demonstrating in the food hall and Dot in lingerie. Les is unconscious in hospital with concussion. Ken gives first refusal to Dickie and Audrey. Len tells him that he'll buy No.9 straight away. Albert decides to take the Fusiliers' Museum job. Dickie has £550 saved and asks his dad to lend him another £400 - he agrees. Gordon wants Les to know he's sorry. Len gets Fleming interested in No.3, telling him it'd go for £400. He persuades the kids that it'll be fun to do up and they agree. Elsie gets a letter from Steve asking her what her plans are. She refuses to acknowledge it. Emily hears from a man who tries to interest her in bodybuilding. Harry Dunscombe tells the residents how Albert saved his life during the First World War. He and Albert leave for Bury. Les comes to in hospital. Gordon apologises to him. Dickie and Audrey plan their future at No.3. The debt collector tells Dennis he must repay the full sum before he moves - tomorrow.


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