Frank, Anne and Jenny gloat in front of a horrified Peter, Carla, Michelle and Sally in the factory. Peter gets aggressive and a devastated Carla persuades him to leave. When Anne, Jenny and Frank are alone, Frank rounds on Anne, accusing her of betraying him. Frank tells her to get out of his house and life. Later Frank spots Leanne outside the Corner Shop and tells her about Peter's drunken state and his fears for Simon's safety. Michelle returns to the factory and tries unsuccessfully to persuade Frank to continue running the factory. Back at their flat, Carla and Peter drink together until Carla tries to remove the whisky bottle out of Peter's hand. They tussle over the bottle as Leanne arrives and accuses Carla of ruining her life. Leanne tells Peter that she wants custody of Simon. Carla leaves in tears. At the Rovers, Stella lowers the volume and tries to hide the TV remote from Karl. Izzy, Fiz, Beth, Hayley, Julie, Sean and Marcus are shocked at what has happened. Julie chooses the moment to announce her pregnancy. The TV is so loud the girls head off to the café to plan what to do to save the factory. Kevin fumes alone in the Rovers about Frank's treatment of Sally. In the café, Sean accuses Sally of betraying Carla. Sally leaves in tears. Norris, Rita, Emily, Mary and Dennis also leave the Rovers due to the TV volume and head to the bistro. They meet a drunken Peter who joins them en-route. Rita also sees a distraught Sally but Sally declines her invitation to join the group in the bistro saying that she needs to be alone and clear her head. Paul returns from work to No.11 and is horrified when Lesley doesn't recognise him. They send for Dr Carter. Marcus says it might be better if he and Sean stayed away to give Lesley and Paul space. Eileen and Paul feel guilty. The Barlows' television is on the blink and they decide it is Karl's new satellite dish that is causing the problems. Deirdre tells Ken to sort it; he confronts Karl in the Rovers who says, unconvincingly, he'll have it checked out. Stella is furious with Karl for driving the customers away. Carla returns to the factory to confront Frank alone. He ridicules her and then threatens to rape her again. Carla is terrified. Nick is horrified at Peter's drunken behaviour and makes him leave the bistro. Dennis is irritated by Lewis flirting with Rita and warns him off. Sean and Julie walk back to No.11 but, noticing lights on in the factory, decide to confront Frank. On entering the factory they are horrified to find Sally kneeling besides the contorted body of Frank, blood on her hands.


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