Gail and Audrey set off for a power-walk in the countryside. Tommy's spent the night at No.12 with Jason and Tina. He gives Tina the concert tickets for her birthday. Tina's thrilled and invites Jason along too. Tommy's secretly disappointed. Julie learns from Ken that the reason Brian has dumped her is because he thinks she's been unfaithful. Julie's shocked. Gail and Audrey find a country pub. However they're stunned when they bump into Lewis Archer. Lewis buys them a drink and does a runner. Milton and Sylvia prepare to leave for the airport. Roy still can't admit that he doesn't want his mother to leave. Hayley's exasperated with him. Katy slips out to the Corner Shop leaving Joseph alone in the house. Chesney's none the wiser. Gail insists that Audrey must report her sighting of Lewis to the police but Audrey's too embarrassed. Kirsty returns from her police complaints hearing and tells Tyrone that she's hoping to get away with a slap on the wrist. Julie confronts Brian and assures him that she's never been unfaithful. Brian admits he's not been entirely honest with her and he's had a vasectomy. Jason tries to act as mediator between Tyrone, Tommy and Tina but Kirsty takes the hump and storms off home. Lewis calls in the bookies and pushes a betting slip at Peter which reads "I'm really sorry".


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