Tommy and Tina discuss Kirsty's assignation with Nathan. Convinced that she's having an affair, Tina insists they break the news to Tyrone. Eileen tells Paul that while he and Lesley are under her roof together, they can only be friends as anything more wouldn't seem right. Tommy and Tina voice their suspicions about Kirsty to Tyrone. After a visit to the doctors, Audrey and Gail discover that they've both got high blood pressure and agree to give up alcohol. Tyrone confronts Kirsty, accusing her of having an affair and questions whether or not the baby is his. Kirsty's hurt and angry. Brian goes to see Dr Carter about getting his vasectomy reversed. Peter goes to collect Simon from No.1 but Simon refuses to cooperate saying that he hates Carla and he's not going home. In desperation, Peter picks Simon up and carries him out. Julie drops a bombshell and tells Brian that she's pregnant. Brian's secretly perplexed and calls to see Ken wanting his advice. At Kirsty's request, Nathan calls at No.9. Kirsty explains that Nathan is her cousin, he deals in posh cars and that through Nathan, she'd arranged for Tyrone to have a Ferrari as a Valentine's Day treat. Tyrone feels terrible and apologises to Kirsty for ever believing Tommy and Tina, however Kirsty tells him it's too late, that all Tina's ever wanted to do is split them up and now she's succeeded. Kirsty leaves with Nathan and Tyrone's left heartbroken.


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