Dennis returns in the early hours of the Bank Holiday Monday from four days away in the West Country and wakes Jenny. Elsie interrupts their attempts to make up for lost time with cups of tea. Dennis gets a call from his boss telling him he's got the contract selling hairdressing toiletries to twenty-three branches in the South West and Midlands. Ena pushes Len into helping her move her things into her new maisonette - No.6. Albert gets a reluctant Les to join him playing in Jack's reserve bowls team. Ray takes Lucille out for the day in his mini. Len uses his handcart to move Ena's things. Mr Ironfield is there to greet her. Albert gets the Barlows to agree to take him out to the Peak District for the day. Val passes on a message that a Harry Dunscombe called for him and will be back at 6.00pm. Albert is intrigued that he came in an army staff car with a soldier. Ironfield tells the Barlows they have also been allocated one of the maisonettes. Ken is a bit put out as he thought they wouldn't get one. Ray's van breaks down in the Peak and he and Lucille have to shelter from the rain in a railway station. They bicker and Ray tries to charm her but fails. Ironfield sees through Ena and realises that she is happy as her maisonette is on the foundations of the Vestry. Les's team wins at bowls. He asks Maggie to join the celebrations at the club but she feels he can be trusted to go on his own, even though Gordon has doubts. Lucille is annoyed at the non-event date with Ray and agrees to go out with Gordon. Ray thinks Len should expand his business into part of his house. Albert meets Harry Dunscombe in the Rovers. He's an old comrade who has been made curator of the Fusiliers' Museum in Bury. He asks Albert to be his live-in assistant, rent-free. Albert is thrilled. Ena suddenly realises where she's heard Les's name before. Ray sees that No.9 is up for sale. After his date with Lucille, Gordon sees Les coming home roaring drunk and singing, before staggering off into the night.


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