Paul and Lesley move into No.11. Eileen tells them that they can have Jason's room. Jason arrives home in tears and tells Eileen that he's not moving to London as Rosie's dumped him. Tina tells Tommy how the flat reminds her of her dad. Tommy cheers her up with some funny house-warming gifts. Jason's furious to discover that Eileen has given his bedroom to Paul and Lesley. He tells Eileen that she's a mug and storms out. Carla cooks a meal and does her best to get on with Simon but he tells her that she's horrible and runs to his room upset. Peter assures Carla that they're doing the right thing. Chesney arrives home to find Joseph asleep but no sign of Katy. Katy slips in through the back door and guiltily says she was just fetching some washing in off the line in the yard. Sally, Kevin, Rosie and Sophie have a farewell meal for Rosie. Downbeat Jason tells Owen that he's changed his mind and he would like his job back. Stella hosts a birthday tea in the back room of the Rovers for Eva. Karl, Nick, Gail and Audrey attend. Gail gets drunk and Audrey has to take her home. Likening themselves to Posh and Becks, Rosie and Jason say an emotional goodbye.


Regular cast

Guest cast



  • Last appearance of Rosie Webster until 6th February 2017.
  • After this episode was shown in the UK, some fans took to social networking sites, including Twitter, to question two lines of dialogue which seemed to indicate Weatherfield as being part of Salford. The lines in question are: "This is not Manhattan, you know. It's a Salford backstreet" (spoken by Roy Cropper) and "I'm just an ordinary Salford lad who works on a builder's yard, who goes to his local boozer" (spoken by Jason Grimshaw). Writer Jonathan Harvey tweeted in reply to these comments: "it has always been set in Salford, Weatherfield is a fictional borough of Salford, has been since ep 1".[1]. This contradicts previous statements, such as one by H.V. Kershaw in his 1981 biography The Street Where I Live that the setting is a wholly fictional borough in its own right and is not a part of Salford.
  • TV Times synopsis: Jason returns to No 11 and reveals Sophie has dumped him; Tommy suggests Tyrone patch things up with Tina; and Katy tries to get home before Chesney sees Joseph has been left alone.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 9,310,000 viewers (9th place).
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