Carla is insulted at Frank's paltry offer for his share of the factory. Sylvia tells Roy that she is ashamed of him for throwing Milton's offer back in his face. Peter learns that Simon has been causing trouble at school. Brian tells Peter that he understands his situation is difficult. Peter is annoyed that Brian and Julie have been gossiping about him. Katy tries to hide her exhaustion when both Anna and Owen ask how she is. Anna tells Owen that she and Faye are going away for half term. Steve admits to Tracy that he has turned off the electricity in her flat. Rosie gets frustrated that Sophie and Sally are more interested in Frank's return to the factory than her. Deirdre lays into Carla. Simon wants to know when Leanne is coming home. Eileen gets at Jason for losing his job. Peter thinks that Carla should accept Frank's offer and suggests they start afresh together somewhere new. Chesney gives Katy a little heart-shaped cushion with "love" on it. Hayley stands by Roy's decision not to accept Milton's offer. Tracy smiles happily to herself as she turns the central heating thermostat down to zero. Sally defends Frank. Steve says he will put the electricity back on if Tracy puts the heating back on. Rosie excitedly tells Jason she's going to be on TV. They kiss and make up. Angered by Frank's gloating, Carla tells him to stick his deal and walks out.


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