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Dennis and Jenny are both awake at 5.00am and wake their households up, Dennis wittering nonsense and Jenny wondering how much pans cost. Dennis tells Elsie what a good job she did in bringing him and Linda up. Ena meets Maggie for the first time and thinks she's heard of Les Clegg before. She pushes Maggie for information about herself but gets nowhere. Elsie and Linda start to panic as the hour gets nearer. Len tells Elsie she only has to give him the nod and it's a double wedding. Albert buys a stag's head with the present money. No one is impressed. The residents prepare for the reception but feel sure something is going to go wrong because it's Dennis. Elsie, Linda, Ernie Sutton and Jerry witness Dennis and Jenny's marriage. Minnie turns up to throw confetti over the happy couple. Annie, Lucille, Gordon, Maggie, Les, Len, Emily, Minnie, Ena, Albert and Wally Tanner join in the reception at the Lancastria Dining Rooms. Les leaves the reception early because he doesn't want to stay around drink. Jerry reads out a telegram from Jed Stone and shocks everyone by his speech - urging the Tanners not to be selfish and to work at their marriage. Unseen by anyone he leaves for London. Ernie reluctantly makes a speech as the father of the bride. Jenny doesn't mind about Dennis going to Bristol, even though he tells her as part of his speech. Jenny spends her wedding night alone on Minnie's sofa.


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