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Sylvia proudly introduces Milton to the assembled crowd. Stella finds out that both Peter and Carla are away for the night and is immediately suspicious. Ken and Tracy continue to row. Deirdre feels caught in the middle. Norris announces to the audience that his keyboard is broken and he'll have to give his rendition another time. However, Sylvia suggests he uses the Rovers' piano instead. Norris's heart sinks. Norris takes his place at the piano but Mary saves him from public humiliation by slamming the piano lid on his fingers. In their hotel room, Peter and Carla plan their future together after the trial. Karl's annoyed when Kirk puts a pound in the fruit machine and wins the jackpot after Karl's spent all night pumping money in with no joy. Milton tells Sylvia that he intends to stick around for a while. Sylvia hides her concern. Eileen's upset with Paul for doing a runner when Julie was having a go about their relationship. Paul apologises and promises they'll stick together in future. Deirdre pours her heart out to Stella, who makes her realise it's time to draw the line with Tracy or she'll be in danger of losing Ken. When David and Kylie bump into Brian and Julie tucking into fish and chips, Kylie has a go at Brian about his healthy eating policy and takes a picture of him. Deirdre tells Tracy that she's gone too far this time and taking Ken's side, insists she finds somewhere else to live. Tracy's shocked. Anne feels that she's in the way and tells Frank she's moving out, however he insists there's no need. Steve arrives home and finds to his horror that Tracy and Amy have moved in. Tracy points out that she's his wife and has as much right to No.13 as he has. Trish shows Frank, Anne and Sally the photos she got of Peter and Carla in Chester, including one of them kissing.


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