Steve and Tracy, all loved-up, head for the Rovers for their wedding reception. Peter arrives at the reception and apologises to Steve for letting him down. He lies to Steve and Leanne telling them that his car broke down. Marcus arrives back from London. He gives Jason a ticking-off for his attitude towards Paul and suggests he tries supporting Eileen instead of knocking her. Ken makes a heartfelt speech saying how proud he is of Steve and Tracy as a couple. Becky can't bear to listen and slinks off to the ladies' toilets. Becky's in the middle of telling Kylie that she's changed her mind and doesn't like the idea of using somebody's miscarriage to score points, when Tracy arrives and makes some vindictive and bitchy remarks. Becky quietly resolves to get even. As Steve launches into his groom's speech, Becky hands him the envelope containing Tracy's medical records and insists he opens it. Steve realises in horror that Tracy lied to him and that Becky never had anything to do with her losing the babies. Ken's appalled to realise that Deirdre knew the truth all along and covered up for her despicable daughter. In desperation, Tracy tries to convince Steve the medical records are fakes but Steve, realising the truth, tells her to stay away as she disgusts him. Becky hugs Roy and Hayley and thanks them for everything, telling them that she has to leave and start a new life. As Becky checks in her luggage at the airport, Steve arrives and telling her how sorry he is, begs her not to go. Becky is adamant that it's too late. Steve watches as Becky, Danny and Billy head off for their new life together. Paul and Eileen are gobsmacked when Jason apologises for the way he's treated Paul and hands them a bottle of wine. On the plane, Danny and Becky raise a glass of champagne to their new life in Barbados.


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Notable dialogue

Becky McDonald:"These are Tracy's medical records, showing that when she fell down my stairs - and that's fell, folks, not pushed..."
Tracy McDonald: "Oh, what!?"
Becky McDonald: "...there were no babies."


Becky McDonald: (To Ken Barlow about Deirdre) : "She's so stooped, she's folded in half. She knew - isn't that right, Dreary? Filthy liars, they run in the family." (She turns back to Tracy and Steve) "I hope you're very happy together". (She downs the champagne) "You deserve each other."


Becky McDonald: "Regrets are for people what stop on the ground. We're heading for the stars."

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