Gail provides Becky and Kylie with all the details they need to access the medical centre computer system and find Tracy's records. Izzy makes Owen see that he was in the wrong hitting Faye. She warns him not to make Anna choose between him and Faye, because he'll lose. Paul collects Lesley from No.11. He's shocked to see the damage that Lesley has caused and promises to pay for it. Kylie feigns a massive panic attack in the medical centre. Dr Carter rushes to her aid. Meanwhile Becky hacks into Dr Carter's computer and finds Tracy's medical records which clearly show she had a miscarriage the day before she fell down the stairs. Becky triumphantly prints off the evidence. Tracy shows Amy her new bedroom in No.13. She hugs her daughter and promises her that from now on they'll be a proper family. Becky and Kylie proudly show Gail and David the proof they've got of Tracy's lies. Jason's appalled to see the havoc wreaked by Lesley. He starts to berate Eileen for inviting her round but Eileen breaks down in tears and Jason relents. Owen apologises to Anna and admits he was in the wrong hitting Faye. Anna forgives him but insists it's over between them as she can't risk a repeat performance. Owen tells Anna that he loves her and begs her to give him another chance, but Anna's mind is made up. Danny asks Becky to emigrate to Barbados with him and hands her a plane ticket. Becky's touched but refuses saying it's too soon. Becky tells Kylie that she intends to go to Steve and Tracy's wedding tomorrow.


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