Trying to front it out, Peter tells Stella that he'd bought Leanne a necklace but took it back to the shop after seeing Carla wearing the same one. Stella is not convinced but has to leave it for now. Rita encourages Tina to revise her opinion of Kirsty, but Tina's not ready to back off. Tina's annoyed that Tommy, Tyrone and Kirk all seem to be taken in by Kirsty. Only Tyrone notices Tina leave. Steve loses patience being civil and tells Becky that he can't work with her. Tracy eggs him on. Becky looks forward to the scrap to come. Sunita lets rip to Dev about Amber's birthday present and that she's fed up of being taken for granted, giving herself the night off. Anne tells Frank and Sally that Carla's filthy lies killed her husband. Distracted by worrying that Stella knows, Peter has to be reminded of his "meeting" by Leanne. Stella persuades Steve and Tracy to have their reception at the Rovers, doubling up as a leaving do. Kirsty claims to a relieved Tyrone that she didn't have Rita's car stopped or tip off the store detective. Peter visits Carla at the factory to tell her that he thinks Stella's on to them. Carla says they can't yet tell Leanne because of Frank's defence being based on framing Carla to be with Peter. Sally sees Anne arriving at the factory and hurriedly follows her in. Anne arrives as Carla tells Peter she's running on hope and his love. Sally appears and hears Anne say that Carla as good as killed Sam. Sally leads Anne out. Shell-shocked Carla and Peter don't know how much Anne has heard. Anna and Faye's DVD night doesn't go as planned. Katy, Joseph and Owen are all there, and Faye's annoyed to be sidelined. Tyrone overhears Kirsty smugly threatening Tina and Kirsty is horrified when she realises that he has heard. Stella finds out from Anne and Sally's conversation that Peter and Carla were just together in the factory. Kirsty is in damage limitation mode but Tyrone is upset she has lied to him. Kirsty gives him an ultimatum: either Tina leaves, or she does. Tyrone can't deal with it and a stunned Kirsty realises that she has to go. Danny invites Becky out on a date. Tyrone and Kirsty say a tearful goodbye as she leaves with her things. Tina comforts Tyrone. Frank learns from Sally that Peter was present when Anne confronted Carla in the factory.


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