Maggie asks Annie to keep Lucille away from Gordon; he has his studies and she wants something better for him than Lucille. Annie accuses her of smothering Gordon and of making him lead a miserable life. Maggie accuses her of corrupting Gordon and walks out. Dennis refuses to have the reception in the Rovers and books the Lancastria. Val is upset at the way Ken treats her like a schoolchild. Gordon is keen to have a relationship with Lucille. They arrange a date and Lucille stands Ray up. Gordon tells Maggie he's out with a college friend. Jenny is pleased when Dennis suggests they marry in a registry office. Ena sends Minnie her hairnet in the post to let her know she's coming back from St Annes.


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  • Long-term director Brian Mills marked his debut on the programme with this episode.
  • TV Times synopsis: A change in the wedding arrangements!
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,900,000 homes (6th place).
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