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Sian rushes back to No.4 in tears, intent on packing her things and leaving as fast as possible. The pressure of his forthcoming trial is starting to get to Frank. He admits to Anne that he's scared he'll finish up in prison. Beth turns up late for her interview at the factory. Anne's annoyed but Frank's impressed with her work and takes her on as a machinist. Beth's delighted. Karl gambles with Stella's money but luck is on his side and wins a small fortune. Sophie arrives back at No.4 and begs Sian to give her another chance. She swears that she loves her to bits and she was just nervous in the church. Sian thaws towards her and to Sophie's relief, agrees that the wedding is back on. Sunita gives Amber a dressing-down, blaming her for interfering in Sophie and Sian's relationship. Peter and Carla meet furtively at Carla's flat. However, they're interrupted when Anne calls round. Peter quickly hides in the bedroom. Karl gives Stella his winnings and tells her that it's for the deposit on the Rovers. Stella's annoyance at his gambling is quickly overshadowed with delight at the thought of owning her own pub. Sophie confronts Amber in front of Rosie and tells her that their kiss meant nothing and she was never really in love with her. Sian overhears their argument and through a veil of tears, tells Sophie that she hates her. Anne tries to bribe Carla by suggesting that she refuses to testify against Frank in return for his 40% of Underworld. In a fury, Carla throws Anne out of the flat. Peter comforts Carla. Sian leaves with her mum, angry and in floods of tears. Devastated Sophie has to be dragged away from the car.


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