Audrey and Kylie fuss round Sophie, preparing her for her wedding. Kevin takes Sophie to one side and tells her that Sunita's worried she might be having second thoughts. Sophie assures Kevin that she's doing the right thing. Dev can sense the tension between Sunita and Amber and wants to know what's going on. The girls remain tight-lipped. Gail and Eva accompany Nick to look at a flat to rent in the Northern Quarter. Eva loves it but Gail makes disparaging remarks. As Rita and Emily set off for Sophie and Sian's wedding, Mary reckons that they could pass for lesbians too. Sophie and Sian's wedding takes place with Rosie and Amber as bridesmaids. Sally and Janet look proudly at their daughters whilst Kevin secretly frets that Sophie's making a mistake. Stella receives some money from a great aunt. She pops it on the mantelpiece telling Karl that she might take Eva on a shopping spree. Whilst Sylvia muses that she's in trouble with Roy for running up such a huge phone bill from her chats with Milton in Palm Springs, Mary tells them how she was banned from sponsoring an orphan in Mozambique for being too needy. Sian reads out her wedding vows but when it comes to Sophie's turn, she's overcome with guilt and can't do it. With Stella out of the way, Karl steals the cash off the mantelpiece. Kevin lets slip that he and Sunita are concerned that Sophie doesn't really want to marry Sian. A devastated Sian runs from the church. Sophie goes after her.


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