Peter phones Carla and admits that he couldn't bring himself to tell Leanne the truth. Carla angrily slams the phone down. Owen does his best to scupper David and Kylie's meeting with the social worker by telling her the couple are completely clueless. Steve begs Lloyd not to sell his share of Street Cars to Becky but it's too late, the deal has been done. David and Kylie assure the social worker that Owen was just poking his nose in and trying to stir up trouble. David's quietly furious. Owen discovers that his pond has been filled over. He suspects David and Kylie. Realising that legally there's nothing he can do, Steve is forced to come to an agreement with Becky; she can work the switch and he'll go out on the road. Peter lies to Leanne and tells her that he's off to an alcoholics' meeting. Peter calls at Carla's flat. Initially she's frosty, but when Peter assures her that he loves her but just can't bring himself to destroy Leanne's and Simon's lives, Carla softens. She admits that she can't live without him and suggests they have an affair. Emily and Rita argue over who's going to cook the Christmas dinner. Tracy tries to chuck Becky out of the cab office but Becky stands her ground. Owen tries to convince Anna that David and Kylie are to blame for the pond. Steve and Becky say an emotional goodbye to Lloyd. Peter lies to Leanne saying his meeting went well. Leanne tells him that she's proud of him for being so honest and open.


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