Peter arrives back and Ken berates him for his irresponsible behaviour. Chesney and Gary have a successful day flogging Christmas trees. Karl confronts Stella and Lloyd, telling them how he overheard their conversation. Lloyd is forced to admit that he made a pass at Stella but she turned him down. Karl's furious and tells Lloyd he can stick his job and he's barred from the Rovers. Owen discovers that he's got four flat tyres on the van. David makes it known that he's responsible. Owen suggests they call a truce. Lloyd tells Becky that he's looking to sell his share of Street Cars as there's nothing to keep him in Weatherfield anymore. Becky suggests she could buy it with the money from her divorce settlement. Leanne and Simon arrive home to find Peter in the flat. Leanne quickly dispatches Simon to Grandma Deirdre's house so they can have a proper chat. Paul calls at No.11. He helps Eileen with her Christmas decorations and they share a sherry. Steve, Tracy and Amy arrive back from Brighton. Peter psyches himself up and tells Leanne that he thinks they should split up, their marriage is a sham and he'll always be an alcoholic. Leanne's taken aback. Carla waits nervously in the factory, hoping for a call from Peter to say he's told Leanne and he's on his way. Leanne tells Peter that she married him in sickness and in health, she loves him and she'll stick by him no matter what. Peter's overcome. Steve and Tracy call in the cab office and find to their horror that Lloyd has just sold his half of the business to Becky. Peter, Leanne and Simon head off into town to see Father Christmas. Carla watches, absolutely devastated.


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Notable dialogue

Peter Barlow: "My name's Peter and I'm an alcoholic."
Ken Barlow: "My name's Ken and I'm livid."

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