Chris regains consciousness and insists that he's fine but Cheryl insists on taking him to hospital. Ciaran, Kirk, Peter, Dev and Karl play poker. The animosity between Ciaran and Karl is evident and when Karl raises the stakes, Ciaran throws caution to the wind and places the wedding reception deposit money on the table. When Cheryl asks the doctor if the bang on the head has affected Chris's tumour, she's shocked to discover that his tumour has receded and he's on the mend. Cheryl confronts Chris and he's forced to admit he lied about his illness to lure her away from Lloyd. Cheryl's appalled and tells him that she never wants to see him again. Nick and Eva share a bottle of wine after work in the bistro. Cheryl calls at No.13 and tells Lloyd the awful truth about Chris. She begs Lloyd to take her back but although tempted, Lloyd is adamant that it's over between them. Chesney, Fiz and Kirk spread Schmeichel's ashes on the Red Rec. Chesney says a few words about his beloved dog. Karl wipes the floor with Ciaran who loses the entire £1,000 that Michelle gave him. In a state of shock, Ciaran lies to Michelle and assures her that he dropped the deposit in at the hotel. Cheryl packs her things and tells Leanne that she and Russ are going to stay with a friend for a few weeks. Chris arrives and begs her not to go but Cheryl and Russ climb in their taxi and leave. Lloyd watches sadly from across the Street.


Regular cast

Guest cast



Notable dialogue

Mary Taylor: "Norris! Come quick!"
Norris Cole: "What is it now?"
Mary Taylor: "What do you think's happened?"
Norris Cole: "How should I know? Maybe one of the neighbours spontaneously combusted. One thing I do know though, this place is going downhill faster than an Olympic tobogganist. Come on."


Cheryl Gray (to Chris Gray): "The only mistake I made was leaving Lloyd for you, and I'll regret that for the rest of my life."

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