Maggie tells the Ogdens not to worry - the insurance will take care of the window. Gordon is angry that Les is happy to let Stan take the blame. Maggie stops Les from telling Stan the truth. Lucille advises Val to make Ken's comfortable life a bit less cosy. Telling him that one of Susan's drawings on the wall is rising damp so that he'll consider moving into one of the newly renovated flats. Annie can sense an atmosphere at the corner shop. Dennis tells Val that he's gone to a moneylender to pay for a church wedding. He makes her promise to remain quiet. Ray comments about Val being easy to control, which infuriates Ken. Jenny wonders why Dennis is so keen on a church wedding. The vicar, the Rev. Peter Hope, puts Dennis off when he realises he is not a churchgoer and only wants the ceremony. Gordon tells Lucille that she isn't allowed to come to his place. Dennis asks Jerry to be his best man. Jerry refuses; he's off weddings. Val tries to make Ken see that No.9 is too small, but he gets angry and accuses her of fancying Ray.


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