Lloyd's devastated as the truth of Chris and Cheryl's affair hits home. Owen tries to make Chesney see that his girlfriend and unborn baby should be his top priority, not his dog. However, Chesney can only think about Schmeichel. At Kirsty's insistence, Tyrone reluctantly tells Tina that she can no longer wander round the house in a towel, but needs to cover up. Realising this is Kirsty's doing, Tina's furious and vows to get her own back. Steve offers Lloyd a shoulder to cry on. Lloyd's grateful. Brian and Julie head to the Red Rec with Brian's telescope to go UFO spotting. Tina insists that Tyrone extends the new house rules to Tommy and that he must keep his top on at all times in the house. Tommy's bemused. Lloyd tells Cheryl that he forgives her and suggests they start afresh abroad but Cheryl gently explains that it's Chris that she's in love with. Lloyd's heartbroken and tells her to get out. Gary and Izzy arrive back from Quinny's memorial service. Izzy tells Anna how proud she was of Gary and agrees to stay for tea. Russ is thrilled when Cheryl and Chris tell him that they're officially back together and they're all going to live in Chris's flat. Desperate to keep Schmeichel alive, Chesney gives the vet the go-ahead to perform a further operation on Schmeichel. When Katy tries to argue pointing out that they've no money, a row ensues and Katy leaves in tears. Upset Katy stays the night at No.6 with Anna and Owen. Hurling a glass at the mirror, Lloyd breaks down and cries over Cheryl.


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