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Dev asks Amber why she and Sophie closed the corner shop early last night. When Amber explains they fancied a night on the town, Dev's furious. Sophie then phones in sick, adding to Dev's annoyance. Rosie takes some photos of Jason's flat and makes him promise to drop the camera in to the estate agents. As Brian and Julie arrive at the court, John Stape watches from a distance. Fiz's trial takes place. Fiz is petrified as she takes the stand. The judge reads out the charges; the murders of Joy Fishwick, Charlotte Hoyle and Colin Fishwick. Brian is called as a witness. He confirms that Fiz used to masquerade as "Mrs Fishwick". Sophie admits to Kevin that the reason she's avoiding going to work is that she and Amber kissed last night. Dorothy Hoyle is called as a witness and she also confirms that Fiz masqueraded as Colin Fishwick's wife. Chesney's distraught and accuses Dorothy of conspiring with the police against Fiz. Katy tries to calm him down. Joy Fishwick's solicitor, Ben Dean is called as witness. He confirms how Fiz fraudulently collected Colin's inheritance posing as Colin's wife. The prosecution puts forward a strong argument suggesting that Fiz must have helped John kill Colin Fishwick. Fiz listens, helpless.


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  • The exterior location recording for Weatherfield Crown Court was conducted at the old Salford Magistrate's Court, specifically on Ford Street and Cleminson Street.
  • TV Times synopsis: John watches from afar as Fiz is led into court to stand trial for murder; Sophie confides in Kevin about kissing Amber; and Rosie takes charge of selling Jason's flat.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 9,260,000 viewers (9th place).
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