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Annie is worried because new prices have affected the Rovers' lunchtime trade. New barmaid Nona Willis moved in the previous evening, and she and Concepta got on like a house on fire. She is however upset as she has received another letter from her parents, still objecting to her marriage to Harry. Minnie and Martha plan to go to an afternoon matinee at the Luxy. They are interested to see what Nona is like. She makes her appearance behind the bar, dancing to a transistor before Ena puts a stop to it. She and Annie find out she used to be a stage dancer. Father Bennett turns up in the pub, wanting to speak to Concepta. Christine shows Sheila her holiday photos from Cornwall with Esther. She is interested to see some of her with a man named Steve Williams from Cardiff. Christine's not deceiving herself that she will see him again, but she's not bothered as she has a date with Mario that night. Concepta can't understand why Father Bennett wants to see her. Dennis comes into the Rovers and makes a comment that Nona used to be a stripper. Annie overhears and is horrified. Christine goes to the cafe and is surprised to find Steve there, asking directions to Coronation Street. Sheila and Doreen try to listen in as they talk at a table with Mario making an uncomfortable third. When he goes to check on the kitchen, Steve apologises to Christine for turning up unannounced. She assures him there's nothing serious between her and Mario, but she can't get out of her date with him. Steve refuses to tag along but Mario graciously offers to let the two go without him. Esther tells Ida how much she enjoyed Cornwall and shows her and Frank her snaps. Christine takes Steve into the Rovers. Annie questions Nona, who denies she's ever worked in anything salacious and that Dennis was playing a joke as she hadn't been impressed with his show-business credentials when they met at the Orinoco Club. Harry has an evening of Catholic instruction with Father Bennett. Concepta joins them. The priest leaves the room for a moment and returns with Shelagh and Sean Riley, Concepta's parents. She's staggered to see them.


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  • Border Television was launched on Friday 1st September, 1961 covering the English-Scottish border region and the Isle of Man and therefore this was the first episode of the programme to be seen by viewers in those areas.
  • TV Times: Sometimes they're happy, sometimes they're sad. But whatever their mood, the people of Coronation Street are Britain's next door neighbours (This generic synopsis did not appear in all regional editions)
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 5,976,000 homes (3rd place)

Notable dialogue

Christine Hardman (remembering past holidays): "We always went to Blackpool, you know 'cos of the war. On the last night, I used to cry my eyes out. Every year I used to think I wouldn't, but I always did. And on the last morning, we'd go walking on the prom and leave the suitcases in the hall. And every year me mam used to say the same thing: 'breathe in the ozone Chris, it's the last chance you'll get.'"

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