Carla's in turmoil, knowing in her heart of hearts that she doesn't want to marry Frank. Sean's worried he's let Marcus down by not wanting to adopt a child. Frank and Carla arrive to a chorus of Get Me to the Church on Time from the factory girls. Frank's pleased whilst Carla's embarrassed. Marcus is delighted when Maria asks if he can look after Liam for the day. Kirsty turns up at the garage surprising Tyrone. They plan to spend the afternoon together. Steve is tired of being caught in the crossfire between Tracy and Becky. Tracy badgers him to help her find somewhere to live. Karl is furious when he finds Stella serving behind the bar. He reminds her that she's supposed to be recuperating. Tyrone and Kirsty's second date goes well. Tyrone tells her about Molly to explain why he is keen to take things slow. Carla secretly meets up with her solicitor who informs her that Frank will have to consent to handing over his share of Underworld. Steve despairs when Lloyd reminds him that he owes him money, feeling like he has let everyone down. Sean sees Marcus giving Liam a piggy-back and feels even more guilty. Tina leaves Kirsty a nasty note when she sees it's her car that has boxed in Rita's. Lloyd gives Tracy a talking-to when she suggests to Steve he buys her a house rather than rents one. He accuses her of using Steve and even Deirdre agrees with him. Frank lets the factory girls go early in celebration of the wedding. Carla braces herself and tells Frank that he's a lovely guy but she doesn't want to marry him.


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