Maria's worried about Chris. It's clear something is really bothering him but he refuses to discuss it. Sylvia tells Becky to get her act together and stop abusing Roy and Hayley's generosity. Nick tells Gail that Becky's given up her job at the bistro. Against his better judgement he agrees to give Gail the job on a trial basis. Chris accidentally slips with some scaffolding poles hitting Jason in the face. Owen's furious with him and Chris tells him to stuff his job and storms off. Audrey has her first Monday off leaving David and Kylie in charge of the salon. Kylie insults Rita and when Julie asks for a pedicure it's obvious that Kylie hasn't the first clue what she's doing. Deirdre invites Stella in for a cup of tea. Stella plays with Simon. Maria begs Owen to give Chris his job back explaining that he's been a bit stressed recently. Owen agrees on condition Chris apologises. Leanne's furious to find Stella worming her way into Simon's affections and marches him home. Peter tells her that she shouldn't be using Simon to try and punish Stella. Amber, Sian and Sophie go for a night on the town together. Gail finds out from Julie how David and Kylie are busy upsetting all of Audrey's customers. She vows to have a word. When Maria tells Chris how she's managed to get his job back for him, he goes ballistic, hurling his dinner and the table across the room. Maria's scared.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Chris walks out of his job after he is blamed for an accident at work; and Kylie causes havoc when she takes charge of the salon.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 8,600,000 viewers (4th place).
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