Kylie's adamant she doesn't want Max. David's horrified that she could be so heartless about her own child. Dev wants to know if Amber slept with Tommy. Amber assures him that they didn't have sex but Dev's disbelieving. Dev and Amber row. Owen discovers some damage to his van. He blames Chris and immediately gets on the phone to him. Deeply upset by Kylie's callousness, David tells Gail that he's going out to get drunk. Amber drags Tommy round to No.7 to back her up and tell Dev they didn't have sex. Sunita suggests that Amber should go back to university early. Amber is forced to admit she failed her exams and she's been kicked out. Dev's furious. Gail has a go at Kylie for the way she treats both David and Max. Kylie breaks down and admits she's just scared that she'd be a total failure of a mother. Gail thaws towards her and after some persuasion, manages to convince her that she'd make a good mum if she tried. When Gail's late for her interview, Nick offers the bar job to Becky. Becky's thrilled. Chris is surprised to find Maria and Cheryl chatting to each other amicably. Cheryl invites them to a house-warming party at No.13. Sunita convinces Dev that Amber needs to lead her own life and find her own place to live. Amber overhears and accuses Sunita of chucking her out. Kylie tells David how Gail has made her realise that she does want to be Max's mother and she wants to go for custody. David's thrilled. Chris is perturbed when he suddenly drops a tray of drinks for no apparent reason. Kylie and David tell Becky that they're going for custody of Max. Becky's gutted.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Kylie opens up to Gail and reveals her fears about caring for Max; Dev decides to impose a curfew on Amber, who reacts by sharing news of her own; and Nick offers Becky a waitressing job.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 8,250,000 viewers (3rd place).
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