Owen tells Izzy that he's changed her locks for her and gives her the new keys. Tracy prepares a fabulous meal for Steve. She bribes Ken and Deirdre to go out for the evening. At Anna's request, Dr Carter visits Gary. He recommends Gary to see a psychologist. Izzy returns to work at the factory, desperate for a bit of normality. Owen tells Gary that he's a decent lad but it's clear he needs some help. Brian arrives on the Street clutching Dylan's jacket which he's intending to return to Julie. He's bemused when he bumps into Marcus who recognises the jacket and explains that Dylan is Sean's son and his mother lives in London. Steve goes for tea with Tracy and Amy. The evening goes well and Steve agrees to read Amy a bedtime story. While Steve's upstairs, Tracy changes her outfit and transforms herself from "mother" to "temptress". Owen tells Izzy how the doctor has recommended Gary should see a psychologist but Gary refuses to admit he needs help. Brian tracks down Julie and having established that Dylan is not her son, asks her if she'd like to go on a date with him. Julie's absolutely thrilled. Tracy does her best to seduce Steve but he remains strong-willed and leaves. Izzy calls to see Gary and tells him that she still loves him but until he gets psychiatric help they will have go their separate ways. Becky arrives back from Crete. Steve tries to talk to her but she puts on a front and tells him that he's history. Gary's distraught thinking he's lost Izzy for good. Anna tries to comfort her son. Tracy's surprised when there's a knock at the door. She opens it to find Steve there. Steve takes Tracy in his arms and kisses her passionately.


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