Irma has last-minute doubts about emigrating. Vince Boyle's stories have got her panicking about all the things that could go wrong. Hilda walks in on the Barlows rowing and is horrified at the thought that David might go without Irma. Irma tells David she'll go with him even though she doesn't want to. Stan is taken on at the building site for the maisonettes. He asks Wilf Jones for light duties on account of his back and is amazed when Jones agrees. Hilda is consumed with guilt for putting the Barlows' marriage at risk. Val tells Ken that No.9 is getting on her nerves. Hilda confesses to Irma that she sent Vince round. Irma accuses her of trying to wreck her marriage and they both break down. The Cleggs take over the shop. Les paints over the Barlows' name. Maggie thinks it's impolite to do so while the Barlows are still around but Irma doesn't care. David and Ken go for their last drink together. Hilda can't find Stan as David and Irma get ready to leave. He turns up just in time, having dropped a plank on his hand and gone to hospital. Ken takes the Barlows to the station. Jenny feels there's not much chance of Dennis and her ever settling down. She tells Minnie that Elsie is still making her feel uncomfortable. Annie invites the Cleggs to the Rovers for an introductory drink. She takes up Les's suggestion of tea at the shop instead. Minnie decides to tackle Elsie; if Ena can do it so can she.


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