Kevin and Sally argue over Kevin's intention to report Sophie to the police. Sophie comes downstairs and gives Sally a birthday present, Kevin's embarrassed and apologises as he forgot. Kylie and David treat Gail like a skivvy until Gail finally flips and tells them that from now on they can do their own cooking, cleaning and washing. Carla tells Frank that she's meeting her brother to discuss their mother's will. Frank offers to go with her. Carla's grateful but insists she can cope on her own. Amber arrives back from university. Tommy flirts with her and it's clear they fancy each other. Dev's delighted to see his daughter. Sophie and Sian row over the money. Sian sides with Kevin and can't believe how stupid Sophie's been. Sophie's inconsolable. Sunita is less than thrilled to find Amber's come to stay for the summer and tells her that she'll have to sleep on the camp bed in the living room. Norris is outraged to hear the charity auction was a scam. He tries to demand his donation back from James. Ken steps in and defends his grandson. When Kevin sees James on the Street he loses his rag. Grabbing him and shoving him up against a wall Kevin demands his money back. Ken and Deirdre watch helplessly until Frank steps in and breaks up the fight. Peter finds a pregnancy testing kit of Leanne's. She admits that she's been too nervous to use it. Peter reassures her and Leanne plucks up the courage. Audrey, dressed up to the nines, turns up at Marc's house only to find him dressed up to the nines too, but as "Marcia". Audrey's shocked but reluctantly agrees to spend the evening with him in his guise. Despite Sally and Sophie's protestations, Kevin calls the police to report the stolen money.


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