Jenny packs and leaves No.11 but Dennis stops her returning to London. Len goes to Nottingham as Stanley is ill. Hilda is horrified that Stan has resigned from the yard. She intends to make sure he goes back tomorrow and tells Jerry to expect him. Dennis is cold to Elsie for pushing Jenny aside. He tries to think of somewhere for her to live. Val sees an artist's impression of the new maisonettes in the Gazette and thinks they look great. She calls Ken a stick-in-the-mud for not being interested. Dennis decides that No.5 is Jenny's best bet and drops heavy hints until Minnie volunteers. Annie feels bad for Hilda having to put up with Stan and gives her a drink on the house. Stan plans to get a labouring job at the building site. Dennis is amazed as Minnie guards Jenny's virtue. The site foreman Wilf Jones considers taking Stan on. David and Irma pack. Irma still doesn't want to move. David promises her she'll feel differently when they get there. David asks Ken to visit Frank more after he leaves. Hilda discovers drayman Vince Boyle tried to settle in Australia but couldn't. She gets him to talk to Irma. Irma warns Stan that she'll be back if he fails to look after Hilda. Irma is horrified at Vince's tales about how expensive everything is in Australia. Outside, Vince and Hilda throw each other the thumbs up.


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Hilda Ogden: (asking about Australia) "Would you advise anybody to go there, like?"
Vince Boyle: "Me mother in law."

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