Stella berates Karl for encouraging Becky. Becky lashes out at Steve and makes out she slept with loads of blokes while she was holed up in the hotel. Steve's gutted and tells her to get out. Roy tells Hayley how Sylvia now knows she's a transsexual. Hayley resolves to sit down and discuss it with her properly but Roy's wary. Sunita's aunts Upma and Grishma return to India on an evening flight. Sean vents his anger on Marcus for not telling him that Dylan wasn't well, but it's clear that Sean is just envious of their relationship. The police try to question Carla about Colin Fishwick's murder but she's dismissive. Peter sticks up for her and Leanne's jealousy is evident. Steve pours his heart out to Lloyd about Becky. Lloyd makes him realise that it's time he made a decision; either he wants her back or he doesn't. Hayley tries to talk to Sylvia about her sexuality. Sylvia's appalled but Roy sticks up for Hayley and tells Sylvia that she can leave and take her prejudices with her. Leanne admits to Peter she's worried that he still fancies Carla. Peter promises to give Carla a wide berth in future. Becky lectures Sylvia and tells her that she should accept Hayley for what she is; a warm and wonderful person. Sean apologises to Marcus and admits he's just worried that Marcus makes a better dad than he does. Becky sets off in search of Steve intent on giving her marriage another go. However she bumps into Steve on his way to find her. Steve tells her that he doesn't want to fight anymore and he's filing for a divorce. Becky's devastated.


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