Sylvia interrogates Roy and Hayley wanting to know why they haven't had children. Stella tells Eva that she's got a home at the Rovers for as long as she needs it. Steve can't bring himself to argue. Karl asks Lloyd for a job at Street Cars. Lloyd agrees to give him a trial. Steve spots Becky at the bus stop in Rosamund Street but she makes it clear that she doesn't want to talk to him. Steve's saddened. When Fiz's sewing isn't up to its usual standard, Hayley's understanding whilst Sally reckons they should dock her wages. Marcus looks after Dylan for the day. When Dylan appears under the weather, Marcus takes him to see Dr Carter but he's fine and they set off for the cinema. Sylvia finds Hayley's hormone drugs and jumps to the wrong conclusion thinking that she's going through the menopause. Roy and Hayley say nothing. Stella's delighted when Karl tells her about the taxi driver job. When Sean finds out that Dylan wasn't well he's furious that Marcus didn't bother to phone him. He sets off in search of them. Stella serves Peter and Leanne. She behaves weirdly towards them and Leanne reckons she's away with the fairies. Frank tells Carla that he's in the process of sealing a huge deal with a department store chain. Carla's impressed. Becky flirts with Karl in the Rovers. Stella's furious and warns her off him. Steve diffuses the situation. Sylvia arrives at the café lugging an aloe vera plant. She explains to Roy that it'll help Hayley with her menopause. Tracy can't believe what she's hearing and takes great delight in explaining to Sylvia that Hayley is a transsexual. Sylvia's horrified.


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