Steve asks Tracy to come round at 7pm to sign the Access Agreement regarding Amy. Tracy readily agrees. Tracy tells Deirdre that now Becky's out of the way she reckons that she, Steve and Amy will soon be a proper family living at the Rovers. Sean and Marcus arrive back at No.11 with Dylan. Tina agrees to a date with Tommy. Steve conducts interviews for the job of pub manager. He's impressed with Stella Price and offers her the job. Stella explains that she'd have to live in and says she'll think about it. Gary's annoyed to find Izzy in the café with an old mate, Will, from Freshco's. Dylan keeps asking for his mummy and Sean worries that looking after his son is going to be harder than he thought. Marcus promises to stay the night and help him. Tommy and Tina meet at Nick's Bistro but it's clear that Tina's still upset about Graeme and on a mission to get drunk. Tracy calls in the Rovers looking a million dollars. On the pretence he's going to take her out for dinner, Steve quickly gets her to sign the Access Agreement. Sylvia tells Rita and Norris that she's surprised Roy and Hayley never had children. Norris is about to explain that Hayley's a transsexual but Rita stops him. Tina invites Tommy back to her flat but he tells her that she's too drunk and he wouldn't take advantage. Tina leaves in a huff. Stella calls in the Rovers and in front of Tracy, tells Steve that she'll take the job of pub manager. Tracy's furious as she realises Steve's been stringing her along. Steve smiles, for once victorious.


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