Tracy persuades Ken and Deirdre not to involve the police over the criminal damage to the house as she wants to keep Steve on side for Amy's sake. When Norris sees John Stape on the front page of the Gazette, he's quick to jump to conclusions and wonders if Fiz was his accomplice. Rita tells him to shut up. After a tip-off from Sylvia, Steve finds Becky distraught in the café and promises her that they'll get Max back but Becky tells him that she'll never forgive him for breaking up their "family". Xin packs her things whilst Graeme watches her sadly. Tracy tells Steve she only wants what's best for Amy and promises to bring her round after school. The police call at No.5 and tell Fiz and Chesney that John's been caught on CCTV boarding a ferry at Holyhead. Sunita's aunts Grishma and Upma arrive at No.7. They're appalled at the size of the house. Dev and Sunita pretend it's only temporary whilst they have an extension built on their big house in Bramhall. Graeme confides in David that he slept with Xin. David thinks it's hilarious. DS Redfern quizzes Fiz closely about Colin Fishwick. Fiz crumbles and tells them the whole sorry story. Chesney's horrified to hear that Fiz helped move Colin's body. Sylvia gives Becky a stiff talking-to and makes her realise she's in danger of losing Steve; the only man who loves her. Fiz is arrested on suspicion of Colin's murder. Chesney's shocked. Becky calls at the Rovers intent on making up with Steve but she's upset to find him playing happy families with Tracy and Amy. Norris watches intrigued as sobbing Fiz is bundled into a police car.


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