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Steve warns Tracy not to turn Amy against him. Tyrone is about to turn himself in just as Kevin knocks on the door. Ken chastises Tracy for driving Amy to making herself ill. Tyrone is conflicted when Kevin asks for a fresh start. Chesney and the Hoyles debate the outcome of their abduction. Becky is worried by Steve's revelations about Amy's self-poisoning. Chesney becomes angry when John refuses to let him and the Hoyles go. A drainage engineer tells Carla and Owen that the fault lies underneath Underworld. John has a close shave when a cleaner calls into the Hoyles' house. Carla demands that Owen fixes the problem for free but to no avail. Eileen riles Sally with talk of her minding baby Jack. Ken and Tracy resolve their differences while Tracy consoles Amy. Becky's gutted when she realises that Steve places the blame for Amy's worries with her. Tyrone resolves to be civil to Kevin in the workplace but makes it clear they aren't mates. John tells Fiz that Colin has visited again and threatened them; they have to leave. Becky tells Steve not to take his anger out on Max. Tracy arrives and tells Steve that she intends to move away with Amy.


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Carla Connor: "You are a cowboy, you know that? You should be wearing a big hat and chaps."
Owen Armstrong: "Well you're a shark and you should be in a tank."

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